Don’t Create a Blog at Your Peril

Adam Bertram

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You probably consume a lot of online content every day. You’re reading this blog post, you probably have few social media accounts you scroll through every day, devour some Netflix and love lurking on YouTube.

You’re a content consumer like millions of others out there but don’t let that be your only interaction online.

Millions of people are aimlessly browsing social media right now, searching for how to do something and some need motivation to get off their butt and do something. Help them.

Stop being a consumer and start being a contributor! How? Content!

What is Content?

Think about everything you read, watch and listen to online; that’s content. Content is what makes the world wide web interesting. It’s what makes us go online in the first place. Content is the stuff that helps, entertains, motivates and sometimes angers us.

Content is words on a page, bits in a video or phrases in a podcast. Content is everywhere!

Content can be used to answer a query, make you laugh, help you through a bad time or help you buy the best new lawnmower.

Content itself is a huge topic.

Informational Content is the Best Content

Here at Action Blogger, I focus on a particular kind of content; informational content. Informational content doesn’t try to sell you anything. It’s not a sales page, an eCommerce listing or an online service.

Informational content is all about pure information, that’s it. Informational content aims to answer questions, to teach a new skill, or to tell a story. The kind of information I intend to teach at Action Blogger is agnostic. It’s the kind of content you’d find if you Googled for “how to write better code”, “how to save money at the grocery store” or “ways to get more online traffic”.

Information, especially that which comes from you will always be the best information. Why? Because I guarantee you know something very few people do. Your experience is valuable and can help millions of people! Start sharing it.

Your experience is valuable and can help millions of people! Start sharing it. Share on X

Pick Your Poison: Blogging

One of the best ways to share informational content is through a blog. A blog allows anyone, for free, a place online to begin writing and sharing information. A blog is a perfect medium to begin dumping your thoughts into words.

Unlike other content platforms like social media, a blog post can be as short or as long as you need it to. It gives you room to express and explain yourself however long your content needs to be. A blog can not only provide a lot more information to your reader, but it can also help you build a deeper connection with your audience.

A blog, in the context that Action Blogger will teach, is personal. It’s a platform to build upon with writing (and even video). Blogs can transform a boring topic like underwater basket-weaving into a personal story of “that one time, I was weaving and…”.

Blogs can build communities around you. Blog posts give you so much freedom to share your experiences with the world and can connect you to thousands of people all around the world.

A Blog is a Home

Throughout my career, I’ve contributed to dozens of websites, training vendors, blogs, etc. I’ve written a lot of content that I don’t own. I’ve been a freelance writer for years particularly for the money. After all, writing a blog post didn’t pay me (at first).

I needed a way to pay the bills and selling my writing to other places made perfect sense. But do you know what I did first? Start a blog.

Before I started Sell Your Books Online or Adam the Automator, I had a blog from the start. Why? Because I needed a home and you do too.

Freelance writers, Youtubers, Instagram influencers, or online course creators must have a home. If at some point, you then decide to branch out, you always have a home to come back to.

Regardless of where you go, you need to have a home to drop breadcrumbs to. You must have a center that represents you or your company as a brand. A blog is a great home to build.

 If you’re going to be an online contributor in any fashion, you must have a home! 

What are you waiting for?

  • Do you have a blog now?
  • What are your plans for writing?
  • What is your goal to grow your blog?

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